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NCC Best Platoon title Triumph

Einstein Academy (EA) was honored with the Best Platoon title by the National Cadet Corps (NCC), Nepal, on its 4th participation in 14th Batch Senior Division NCC training. It is the most honored title in NCC. It is the first time that EA was honored by such title. To achieve such feat one must be hardworking, disciplined and earn the most points during the group exercises.

The Academy was indeed one of the most hardworking and disciplined platoon. EA platoon stood first among the 500 cadets of 15 platoons. The Academy’s platoon won group points in 1.5 miles race whereas the girls stood second. Similarly, it secured second spot in inter-platoon swimming competition while 50m firing was also in the hand of EA’s platoon where it secured first and second spot.

Not only in drills and parades, the EA NCC group stood best in the public speaking and model briefing competitions under the Senior Division 100-day training. The platoon outranked others in terms of discipline, parade and commanding.

Altogether, 41,207 cadets from across the country have participated in the training till date and 144 cadets have graduated from Einstein Academy till its 4th Batch of NCC training. Many of the graduated cadets have been serving in different sectors with their greatest knowledge, skill and leadership.

“It was an amazing experience for me as well I had my platoon work very hard and they were very supportive we couldn’t win many events but we won the hearts. From the very beginning day of the training, I had a dream to lead my platoon and earn the rank of ‘Senior Under Officer’. I knew very well that without hard work and the group efforts of my platoon it was impossible without the combined efforts and determination, I could never have achieved so many things despite of our less group points. We brought best platoon trophy home followed by many other trophies and medals in swimming, firing, running, navigation and public speaking. All of my platoon members’ hard work and my determination and leadership paid off. I could not rank out as a SUO but I was ranked as Company Junior Under Officer of Eco Company consisting of 3 platoons. One of our Cadet became Platoon Commander and many of my other cadets stood out and ranked as Sergeant, corporal and LCPL. I can never thank enough to the administration for providing me such a wonderful opportunity, my Gurujis and most importantly my platoon; without them I could not have achieved so much for the college and myself. ” - Santosh Rai

“The NCC training changed our lives forever. We learned discipline, leadership and teamwork. Learning to manage time also came handy and now we have a very organised life.”

The NCC, Nepal, was first established in Nepal in 1965 A.D. (2022 B.S. Kartik 7) in a bid to help produce and groom disciplined, trained and motivated youth. The NCC, Nepal, was presented with its flag by the then King Mahendra in 2024 B.S. Falgun 7. The History of NCC, Nepal, dates back to 1856 A.D. When the British soldiers returned from the Crimean war, they were motivated to develop and train the youths in the country. So, with this purpose the Naval Lads Brigade was established by the end of 1914 A.D. Not only Nepal but many other countries later adopted this concept of youth development.

The NCC, Nepal, runs 79 days of institutional training and 21 days of camp. The Senior Division training of NCC cadets started in Nepal from the year 2071/72 but the Junior Division training had been running since 2030 B.S.

The NCC, Nepal, team under Nepal Army conducts the necessary medical tests and other educational documents of aspirants in the preliminary selection procedure. The medical checkup includes blood pressure test, color blindness test, observation of acute and long-term diseases etc. The candidates are also examined for any surgical marks or tattoo. Any of those findings will be considered a failure. The candidate should also have a very sound educational background in the administrative records similarly other information such as police records.

Details of parents are also obtained accordingly. After the names are shortlisted they will be called for the briefing by the army personnel. The institutional training begins with P.T, drill, aerobics, khukhuri drill, martial arts etc. The cadets will learn about the army rankings, teamwork and leadership.

The cadets will experience adventurous activities like wall/rock climbing, swimming, horse riding and firing. Similarly, they will be taught weapon handling, night navigation and so on. As the cadets spend hours in the training they how begin to learn very quickly. They will have 100-day training in full swing – at least three hours a day – with the guarantee of Nepal Army not affecting the cadets academic hour.

Similarly, the cadets are also exposed to various sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, etc. for their overall development like an Army. It is followed by some entertainment such as dancing, mimicry, singing as well.

After the completion of 79 days of training, the cadets will be ready for the final camp at Hattikhor, Nawalparasi. This is the camp where the cadets and their squads are adjudged their rankings. The cadets will be examined in terms of discipline, leadership quality, drill, sports, commanding etc. in the remaining 21 days.

Each participating cadets from different +2 Schools and Colleges will be given points and ranks in terms of their overall performances. They are appointed to lead and control the platoons. Each Group comprises 36 cadets – including 18 each boys and girls. More than 15 platoons including above 500 cadets will be participating in this camp. Further they will be divided into company this is done for the election of commanding officers for platoons, company and the whole battalion.

Sports events, navigation, model briefing, dance competition, drill, public speaking and written examination will be the exercises to score good points, one has to work hard and keep his platoon motivated to be a successful leader. The senior of a platoon is already selected from the final reports of the institutional training. But if his performance is not so good in boot camp he will be ranked from bottom. At the day of the passing out the cadets are finally ranked as PJUO, CJUO and SUO followed by sectors and the best performing platoon will also be awarded by the senior most army personnel and delegated heads.

The NCC training concludes after the passing out parade and the few selected graduates will get wonderful opportunities to visit various countries and meet the country’s head personnel’s. In case of any disaster or crisis in the country the NCC cadets will not be missed and will be called for their help. The cadets will be forever ready to provide service to their mother land.

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