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Einstein Academy Main Building

Einstein Academy Main Building

Einstein Academy Main Building



Einstein Academy Public Library Visi

Einstein Academy Public Library Visi

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Einstein Academy Hotel Management

Einstein Academy Hotel Management

Einstein Academy Hotel & Tourism Management

Top 10 +2 
Honored by HSEB

Outstanding BBS Results (TU)


Scholership is awarded to all on merit basis up to 100%



MODERN GLOBAL COLLEGE: Einstein Academy is a modern and dynamic education institution imparting quality education in an affordable and conducive environment with an innovative approach that enables students to achieve excellence in all walks of life in the Global Society.


VISIONARY & COMPASSIONATE FOUNDERS: Founded and run by Professional Academicians  with love, compassion, empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and decades of career experience in Nepal and abroad under their belts including: U.S. (Hawaii, Omaha, New York), U.K., Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, to mention a few.


WELL-QUALIFIED TEACHERS: Accompanied by a team of well-qualified, highly experienced, and dedicated faculty members who have studied and worked in Nepal and abroad. Best of all, the students will be taught and groomed by the industry's best of the best knowledgeable instructors. You have to see it to believe it!

LEADING INSTITUTION: Set in the rich cultural context of Kathmandu, Nepal where students from across the country join E.A. for a World Class +2 Higher Secondary and Bachelor's Degree education.


AFFORDABLE: Affordable tuition fees and excellent academic environment in a unique system that is second-to-non. Affordable quality education within your reach!


SCHOLARSHIPS: Over thousands of students benefited from Einstein Academy's Scholarship Foundation since its' inception in 2001 and many more scholarship have been awarded the victims of April 25th, 2015 Nepal Earthquake, as well as students with exceptional talents, abilities, economic hardships, socially challenged (race, cast, ethnicity, status). Apply On-line, Click HERE!


RESULTS ABOVE NATIONAL AVERAGE: Results speak louder than words with outstanding performing students producing result that are High above National Average. Top 10 +2 Colleges as honored by HSEB  with outstanding BBS (TU) results


MODERN INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACH: A high level integrated modern instructional approach, state of art facilities, high technical standard, academic support service and ample extra co-curricular activities with unique system are central to Academy's educational principle to achieve the motto 'EXCELLENCE IS THE GOAL'.  EA  is affiliated to the National Examinations Board (NEB) and Tribhuwan University (TU), Kathmandu.


TEST KITCHEN LAB: State of the art Test Kitchen Lab, Grills, Ovens for the Hotel Management Stream to experiment with not only delicious and healthy, recipes, menu items, but nutritious enough that meets Global Nutrition Standard Guidelines. A variety of liquid ingredients including Sodas, Carbonated Water, Fruit Juices, Distilled-Water, Non-alcoholic as well as Alcoholic beverages to learn Cocktail Mixes. 

SCIENCE LAB: There are separate Science Labs, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology at state of art facility. All the science students are required to perform and complete the all the practical within the stipulated time frame. 


COMPUTER LAB & Wi-Fi: State of the Art Computer Lab for the students with well-equipped Wi-Fi, Inverters, LAN (Local-Area-Network), and WAN (Wide-Area-Network) access for World Wide Web, Mobile Web, or Mobile App Access. An initiative have also started to possibly bring 3-D Printing Technology in the future. Want to build a Drone? make an Earthquake-proof Building? or print 3-D printed limbs for the victims of 2015 earthquake? ​ "YOU WILL soon by 2019 students are encouraged to build a humanitarian Apps that saves lives for iOS or Android with respective permission requests. Please keep us informed. Want to build an iOS or Android APP? Please Contact Us! 


LIBARY: Well-stocked Library as well as access to ever-great Free On-line Encyclopedia 'Wikipedia') A quiet study zone for students to focus on their studies after classes or before exams. Study Tip: Do not let go A DAY pass by without 3 hours of self-study at minimum daily! "Every drop makes an Ocean." 

E-Learning, M-Learning, & Learning Management System: Students will soon have the ability to learn and access course ware curriculum via their Mobile Devices (M-Learning) as well as through the Internet (E-Learning) remotely at the comfort of their home or Internet Cafe. (Coming Soon. Projects have been initiated. By 2019.)

GAMES & SPORTS: Basket-ball Court, Table Tennis, Games, Computer Games, Board Games, Extra-curricular as well as Sport Activities. If you have health, you have everything! Hence, health is your wealth and everything else comes after!


CAFETERIA: Cafeteria is filled with fresh nutritious and well-balanced food, to vitalize the mind.


TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Pick up and drop off services are available to remote students as well as students needing physical assistance on a daily basis. Please feel free to Contact Us!

MEDICAL CARE: First aid will be provided in case  of medical emergencies. Make sure to take all required vaccines for precautions. Prevention is always better than cure. If you are allergic to any medications or ingredients or medical problems please notify EA Administrative Staff in person immediately. Health Tip: Prioritize your errands and study activities and good sleep, so that you will be refreshed and enhance your power of study.

STUDENT COUNCIL / COUNSELING: It is a non - political, officially elected or appointed student body, which functions under the guidance of caring team of administration to conduct games and sports, co-curricular, social and literary activities. The team of administrative staff will counsel and shed light to students in time of need to guide through obstacles, distractions, and difficult times in life. If you are having emotional breakdowns or see symptoms of mental distress, please notify EA Administration in person immediately. Learn to mediate by watching these videos Click Here! The difference you feel is priceless! Including Less Stressed, More Mentally Focus, Healthy, Wise, Forgiving, Loving, Compassionate & the list goes on. Health Tip: Meditate in the morning and late afternoon for 20 minutes each. Never give up this habit!

PARENT TEACHER MEETING: Parent teacher interaction are routinely facilited in order to bring alignment and bridge communication gap between students, teachers, and parents. Rest-assured, children are in caring hands!


ENGLISH MEDIUM: Medium of Instruction is in  English. You will develop a good command of English in oral fluency as well as writing over the years of studying, communicating, and presenting at EA.


GIRLS AND BOYS HOSTEL: Exclusive and separate Hostels are facilitated for boys and girls in a fully furnished modern and safe buildings. Have a roof under your head & warm meals near College!

GRADUATES & ALUMNI NETWORK: With over thousands whom graduated from Einstein Academy, by God's grace and the virtue of a strong bond, they are in regular communication with the College and their respective EA's Alumni Network. As they say relationship is built on the frequency of communications in sharing their sweet memories. "What a MAGICAL moment it was to have lived, acquired knowledge and wisdom and built ever-lasting relationships of a life time in this space and time. God Bless All." Einsteinian.

VISIONARY STEERING COMMITTEE: In 2016, young professionals have teamed up to form a Visionary Steering Committee to provide guidance, support, and oversight of Einstein Academy's future inititives so that it continues to provide affordable quality education to the future generation. This program is lead by Mr. Rajan Rai, Chief Information Officer. 

Mr. Kabiraj Rai (K.R. Rai)
Founder Chairman / Chief Executive Director
Former HOD Science / Computer Department,
Gurkha High School, Hong Kong


Mr. Kul Prasad Gurung (K.P. Gurung)
Founder Principal
Former Deputy Headmaster,

Gurkha High School, Hong Kong