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Required to attend the classes, tests, examinations and other activities, and submit their assignments regularly and compulsorily. According to TU/NEB regulation, 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the Board / University Examinations. In case of serious illness, the concerned student must produce medical certificate from the registered medical authority along with leave application. 






Morning Sessions

06:30 - 10:50 am (+ 2 Management, Humanities & BBS)


Day Sessions

11:00 - 5:00 pm (+ 2 Science)


Working Days

Sunday to Friday.



Saturdays & Public Holidays as per school calendar.



Class Hours



Professional integrated modern approach is applied. TEACHING WITHOUT TESTING IS NON - PRODUCTIVE. Orientation classes for teachers and students are held on a regular basis. A continuous year-round

Cyclic sequence of Teaching → Evaluation → Feedback → Reinforcement → Teaching 

is the loop in our methodology. This helps to achieve academic excellence and professional competence through the development of psychomotor and cognitive skills. 


Teaching & Evaluation Method

Eligibility and Admission Process


(1)     +2            : SEE (Secondary Education Examinations) or any equivalent certificate holder.

(2)     BBS         :+2 or any equivalent certificate holders with major Mathematics & Economics,

                              Securing minimum of 45 % marks.

  • BBS students are not eligible to enroll in the second year without appearing in the first year examination.

  • The ADMISSION FORM and PROSPECTUS are available at the reception counter during office hours (7:30 am - 4:30 pm).

  • The completed admission form with following essential documents must be submitted at the time of admission for necessary verification.

    •   Grade XI  : SEE Marksheet, Character Certificate.

    •   BBS         : Grade XI, XII Transcript, Character Certificate, Migration. 



All eligible candidates are to sit in the Admission Test / Interview. Admission will be granted on the merit basis. The students are tested on the following subjects:



Compulsory and Optional Math’s


(All SEE level)



Compulsory Mathematics

(All SEE level)

Admission Test for +2





The College arranges special lectures from distinguished personalities from different walks of life to inspire and assist the students on credit and non-credit courses. 

Guests & Visiting Faculty



It is promoted amongst the students and staff to build the sense of belonging, self-discipline and work ethics.


E.A. maintains high degree of discipline for the quality education. Any serious breach of conduct within and outside the Academy will be sufficient reason for expulsion from the Academy. 

Einstein Culture & Discipline


The academic year is divided into three terms, consisting of unit tests, weekly tests, project works and Term Exams. The pass mark is 40%. The student’s performance in each subject is measured with an integrated cumulative evaluation. Successful candidates in Ability and Pre-Board Exams are eligible to fill-up the Exam Forms and appear in Board/University Exams respectively. The Terms are as follows:


First  Term

Shrawn - Aswin ( July/August - September/ October )


Second Term (Ability Test)

Kartik - Poush ( October/November - December/January )  


Third Term (Pre - Board Exam)

Magh - Chaitra (January/February - March/April )


Academic Year


  • The Central Management Admission Test (CMAT / EMAT)

  • Interview will be as promulgated by EA / Faculty of Management, Dean Office, TU.

  • Admission will be granted on merit basis. 

  • The decision of the College Admission Board (CAB) is final and binding in all the levels. 


Admission Test for B.B.S.



Over the past decade, Einstein Academy has been offering competitive academic, talent-based scholarship, hardship-based awards to new, existing, as well as transfer students. Scholarship are awarded to students who meet certain academic or need-based criteria as reviewed and approved by the Scholarship Committee at Einstein Academy. If you are a victim of April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, then scholarships are awarded based on case by case basis. All applicants must furnish below documentations:

  • An essay describing your reasons for wanting to attend college and need for scholarship (2 pages)    

  • 3 Referential Letter other

  • Admission Form Filled Out