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Sc XI Bio Group visits Godawari Botanical Garden

Einstein Academy (EA) has organised field trip to National Botanical Garden, Godawari, for Grade XI Science Biology Group, on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.

Altogether, 42 students along with three teachers led by Rajesh Shrestha visited the Garden. The main objective of the visit was to boost the practical knowledge of the student about different plants at the garden.

Aslesha Gurung, Sc XI shares, “It was a beautiful sunny day on 29th of Mangsir. We were taken to the botanical garden. There we got an opportunity to observe the various plants which were never known to us.”

“We got surprised and excited. Whenever, we came to encounter the new plants, our excitement got bigger.”

The students also conducted study and research during the visit. They observed the various plants with their special features.

The Academy frequently organises such field trip for its students for practical knowledge.

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