EA Poem Vol. 1 (English & Nepali - 2015/16)

A Special Friend

Sambandha Rani Giri

HUM XI (2016)

If there's someone you can talk to,

Someone no one can replace;

If there's someone you can laugh with,

Till the tears run down your face;

If there's someone you can call on when

You need a helping hand;

If there's someone you can count on to advise and

Understand; if there's someone you think

More of as each year

Comes to its end;

You're a very lucky person

For you have found a special friend.


Bishwash Rai Hum XI (2016)

There is an angle suffering lots of pain She is sad, she can’t walk, but she is crawling She can’t smile but she is smiling I don’t know what I can do for that You know that I’m just a good devil Time comes running, wind comes blowing Music can feel you better, no more pain to suffer Happiness comes searching and the memories always remain ha ha…

Hello there, I’m here to see your smile but your smile is up in the sky, and my heart was fluttering for your smile. Look life is beautiful, beauty is everything don’t know how I’m writing This poem seems like my words are flying… I will be there for you You will suffer no more pain I’m going to be in your heart and I’m going to control your heart beats…

Dream With You

Bidya Thapa Magar HM XI C (2016)

Day to Day, dreams are flowing through


May you would come and hold my


Dreams with you to walk together for


Let me take all pain and suffer from


Each day is beautiful, if I am with


Want to fill all your things in my


Being far away too, I wanna hold

your hand

May be I could show you,

How am I, if I'm with you.


Preety Shrestha HUM XII (2016)

A cute smile on his face, makes me forget all my pains. He is a light on the earth, who stays in core of my heart.

Every seconds of my life imagine about him, my eyes eagerly await to see him. Although lots of beautiful stars twinkle in the sky, he is the only moon who caught the sight of my eyes.

Like rose in the garden and sugar in a tea, Life seems mess without him and me. He is my dear one, near one, heartbeat, who exists in me without a bleat.


Karuna Gurung HM XI C (2016)

There happened to be a boy.


I see him everyday,

He got that chubby chick

With a flawless smile…

It was the first day I saw him,

And create a place for him in my heart,

Days went by, months went by…

He happened to create a large space inside my heart.

Not only I but girls from his school like him.

But the love I gave him, no one else could ever hive him.

He has got the equal love for me too…

Don't misunderstand

He's just my little brother…J

I Am a Girl

Karishma Dura HM XI C (2016)

May be my world is chained up.

May be my all path to be free is locked

May be while walking these are obstacles

May be it's difficult to be happy.

May be a society won't accept me.

But don't think that I'm a looser

If you tease, I won't scream

Because I am bound by chain with society

If a scream society won't accept me.


Patty Giri

HUM XI (2016)

Life is like a flowing river

It waits for none

So live life to its fullest

From dusk till dawn

Life is precious

Has value than any treasure

Importance of life

Is impossible to measure

Life is brighter

Than the death

So try to love it

Rather than hate it


Babita Karki

HM XI C (2016)

Life never ends without enjoyment

We need all necessary and fulfillments.

Life is short and it's interesting

Where people do like and commenting.

Life is full of feelings

Where we get happiness and sorrow.

In some case, life can be mean

Where in other case joy.

Life gives us new lesson

In every step

Life can be meaningful

If we cherish it.


Albina Maharjan

HM XI C (2016)

Life seems as a little flower,

Everytime, searching for a shower,

Grows from the bud,

End to the mud,

Along with the happiness,

Or sometimes with the sadness,

But blooms every time

As the sunshine.

My Mom

Akash Thapa

HM XI C (2016)

I have a mom, who makes me laugh,

Wipe my tears, hug me tight,

Watch my success, see me fail

Cheer me on, keep me strong.

But, when my mom's sad,

I feel bad.

I try to make her feel happy

And make her laugh.


के.पी. ओली र नयाँ नेपाल

Nikita Rai

HUM XI (2016)

नयाँ नेपालका प्रधानमन्त्री के.पी.ओली निकै प्रख्यात भएका छन् हावा हावा बोली निकाल्छु भन्छने हावाबाट बिजुली १७ घण्टा लोडसेडिङले पीडित छन् नेपाली ।

निकै गर्छन् घोक्रो फुलाई फुलाई भाषण नाकाबन्दीले गर्दा छैन नेपालमा ईन्धन र रासन सबैको जीवन अस्तव्यस्त कस्तो यो शासन के गर्ने खै यस्तै रहेछ यहाँको चलन ।

अन्नबाली छैन कतै फस्टिएको छ कालोबजार हत्या, हिँसा, तस्करी र भैष्टाचार एकातिर परेको छ भूकम्पको मार अर्कातिर सरकारले बेहोरेको हार ।

बिरक्त लाग्छ आपैmलाई भन्दा म हूँ नेपाली यो नेपालमा अब बाचूँ म कसरी भारत चीन भ्रमण मात्र गर्छन् प्र.म. ओली हे प्रभु  बुद्धि देउ, ओलीलाई बेसरी


Martin Rai

Mgmt XI A (2016)

काला छाला, सेता छाला हाम्रो देशमा चल्दै आएको गहुँगोरो छाला

डन्डिफोरले भरिएका फोकै फोकाका छाला किरिम, पाउडरले ढाकिएका सुन्दर छाला बुढेसकालले छोपिएका बुढाबुढीका चाउरी परेका छाला ।

पुक्के छाला, गिलो छाला हिरा झैँ चम्किने चमकदार छाला

हिमालले लाली परेका चिसा, राता छाला हातका ताली परेको राता, ताता छाला घामले पिल्सिएका किसानका काला, ताता छाला ।

भोटेका छाला, मोटेका छाला मर्नै लागेका थोते बुढाका छाला

पातलो छाला, म