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3 inch taller

Sangam Rai

It is hard,

Really hard

Beyond comprehension

Choosing people

One over another

Moving on,


At a certain point,

The bomb blasts,


Everything is lost,

The past,

The present

And guilt is reality

Depression is forever

Trance is all that remains

And her image is eternity

Always and forever

The heart is captured

She is all that remains


I used to be in that situation

A depressed face,

Unable to forget her

And i met her

It was no coincidence

But a destiny,

But a fate

An encounter written before our birth

From Mahalaxmi to Patan,

It all started from facebook

Later on, we would follow in instagram

Looking back,

In the college breaks

I used to see her in glimpses

She seemed dangerous

And that allured me

I continued eavesdropping

Surfing her timeline,

Was usual

And there was no doubt

She was just like me,



Who could never move on

The heart shattered to a thousand pieces

As strangers we cried,

But the same,

Tears of misery

And i wanted to hold her

Rebelling the hurt

I clicked the ‘add friend’ button

It was then the long chats

And the late replies commenced

To continued glances

I saw more of her

And the smiling wavings happened

It was electrifying,

Ecstasy highest,

The hurt forgotten

The promises to sing

Her want to hear,

Poems the exchange

But nothing, the result

‘you seem real busy?’

Her words

A tight pinch

In the cheek

And the proposal to dance

But denial

I see her dance

She’s wild

But smile’s were

All i could offer

The planning to meet,

Early in the morning,

She comes walking,

And am blown just by seeing her face

The shop we went to,

Endless flames of cigarettes

And her request to smoke

Refusal and,

The account of my family background,

Her smiles, lips,

Exposing tattoos

And sipping teas

Now, it feels a dream,

A heavy reality

To accept,

And accept i must

The litters,

We picked

And the streets

We cleaned,

The harsh sunlight we endured,


Those streets i walk

There’s litters again

But here we are

Out of contact

But your face talks

And the memories never fades

The roads of Patan,

We walked

The crowd,

The noises

The hot coffee of



The roof, the seats

Are never same,

Gone is gone

Present is fun,

But without you

The tears seem dry

It’s a reality,

I never take

But the stories of love,

We talked

And the pains, we endured

Made me strong?

But you never

Ceased to smoke

And your breaths

Of long,

Sustain to live

And the day was happiness

The times i waited,

In a closed dark classroom,

And the knocking on the door,

The handshakes,

The stories,

And ‘sympathy’

Is the song we played

The juice and chips,

I bought,

The snacks we enjoyed

And flames,

I remember time and again

The cheeks pulled,

And the embarassesment

The looks through a window

The critics,


Is joy,

A cheerful memory

Her pervy flirtation,

The harsh bitings,

And the pinches,

The closeness

Was truly,



She is 3 inch taller

And i wait for her everyday

To life meaningless

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