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1. As per TU/NEB rule, 90% attendance (on line or physical) is required to be eligible to appear the TU/ NEB Final Exams. In case of absentees, marks for attendance for internal evaluation will not be added; as a result students may have chances of failing in the final exam.

2. Students are to join the meeting using their real first and last names for attendance. Any un-identified names will result in absence towards attendance records.

3. Attendance records are monitored daily. If student is unable to attend classes, required to inform the admin 24 hours in advance via call or email to the College.

4. Students are required to check and update daily their class time-table for any changes.

5. Students are to enter only into their corresponding classes and prohibited to enter into other classes not assigned to them. IP logs are captured by the system to monitor any misuse of code of conduct.

6. Be prepared at least 15 minutes earlier with your gadgets (Smart phone or laptop) with good quality internet access. In case of any difficulty, required to call or communicate with the respective authorities to resolve the problem.

7. Be prepared with your text books, reference books and so on for your convenience in learning. Ensure you have access to all of the resources, assignments that is accessible to you beforehand.


8. All are to follow Code of Conduct for the online class. Any misconduct in the class sessions will create unpleasant result which is not acceptable.

9. Students must upload a profile picture of their own in the meeting.

10. Students must use their own email address for proper correspondence, such as providing questions, submitting the assignments, answer scripts and any notices.

11. Should have respective subject teachers’ PMIDs, phone numbers, and email addresses for any assistance.


12. Proper attire: All are to dress up professionally as videos are being recorded for everyone to view later. Hence, professionalism must be demonstrated by all concerned.

13. Pose upright on the chair and table facing straight to the camera. Avoid lying down on the bed, bending down sideways, eating, drinking and so on.


14. Students are to mute all microphones at all times to avoid any background noise interruption or distractions during class sessions.

15. Students may unmute microphones to ask questions. Once a question is asked, the students are to mute their mic again to reduce any unwanted background noise.

16. It is advisable to use personal headsets or pair of headphones for clear audio. Avoid using PC or Mobile Phone speakers to avoid any audio feedbacks.

17. Do not talk over when lectures are happening during a regular meeting.

18. Select "raise a hand” feature in the meeting, then announce name, and ask the question when no one else is speaking or when the teacher gives permission to speak up to ask your question. Remember that sound quality is very important in this medium

19. Should avoid any unrelated discussions among the participants.

20. Students are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, disrespectful verbal and non-verbal language in the class

21. Students are not to use explicit images, explicit material in any form of communications, chats, emails, or visual displays, etc.


22. Light the face by placing your primary light source behind your camera. This way, the light and the camera point in the same direction.

23. For natural video background, make sure the background behind you is empty wall, or green bedsheet, or a green blanket to cover the background so the background image is uncluttered and looks professional.

24. For virtual video background effect, zoom offers option to display image or video as your virtual background during a zoom meeting. This feature works best with a green screen effect by lighting your face and lighting a green background behind you.


25. No one is to use abusive and foul language to anyone. In the case of default, one should take the full responsibility. Such acts might lead to legal traps.

26. Make proper use of the technology (PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone), Apps and software.


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