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NCC participates in Firing Training

The National Cadets Corps (NCC) cadets from Einstein Academy (EA) participated in the Weapon Training and Firing held in Kathmandu on Thursday, November 18, 2016.

Altogether, 32 cadets were under the training. The cadets are under the 12th Senior Division for the fiscal year 2016/17).

NCC is conducting 100-day trainings to the cadets from across the country from August 8, 2016 (Shrawan 24, 2073. The trainings include 79 days institutional and 21 days annual camp.

The Institutional Phase includes four categories – Physical Training (Aerobics, Mass PT, Taekwondo), Basic Military Skills (Drill, Khukuri Drill, Field Craft/Battle Craft, Map Reading, Weapon training and Firing), Disaster Management (Introduction of Disaster Management, Types of disaster prone to Nepal, Different role of Volunteer during disaster Response) and Adventure Training (Swimming, Horse Rising, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Rafting).

(Photos: Ritu Limbu, Mgmt XII)

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