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HISSAN Basketball: EA registers 50pts win over Chanakya

Einstein Academy (EA) has made a flying start thrashing Chanakya of Bhaktapur in Basketball Tournament that is being held under the 3rd edition of HISSAN Sports Week - 2017 at Golden Gate College, Baneshwor, Kathmandu, on Monday, January 30, 2017.

Kiran Rai, a highest scorer for EA, helped winner to secure 50-26 victory. Though the first quarter ended in equal 6 points, the Academy dominated the score-sheet in rest of the three quarters with 13-6, 14-8, 15-8 points, respectively.

Kopi Pun was the icebreaker for winner while Kiran Rai, Akash Thapa and Nuel Limbu were at the limelight for their three-pointer scores.

EA has been drawn alongside Chanakya, Trinity International and Nepal Mega in Group ‘A’ of HISSAN Basketball Tournament.

The Academy will take on Nepal Mega in its second encounter at the same Golden Gate’s Basketball Court, on Tuesday.

Altogether, 30 teams divided into eight poles, are in the title fray. Two teams from each pole will make it to the next pre-quarter berth of the tournament.

Similarly, HISSAN Sports Week is also featuring– Boy’s Cricket, Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Volleyball and Boy’s & Girl’s Futsal, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Tug of War competitions, among others. These games are being held in different colleges of Kathmandu Valley.

Some glimpse EA Vs Chanakya

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